Basketball Reports for 12/1-12/12


Veronica Kondey/Yearbook

12/9 Quad Night game against Tyee.

Egalitarian Staff

Have you kept up with LHS’s Basketball teams? Take a look at the scores for the past two weeks.

Dec. 2nd:

Girls Basketball AND Boys Basketball @ Highline HS-

The LHS Basketball teams played a great Quad Night game at Highline. The girls’ team won 36-25 Varsity and 30-5 JV. The boys’ team won 54-35 Varsity and 45-40 JV.

Dec. 6th:

Boys Basketball lost against Renton HS 46-63, Varsity. JV also lost 31-64.

Dec. 7th:

Girls Basketball lost against Renton HS 13-64, Varsity. JV also lost 19-29.

Dec. 9th:

The LHS Basketball played a riveting Quad Night game against Tyee HS and won all 4 games. Girl’s Varsity won 51-31, Girls JV won 21-14. Boys Varsity won 71-18, and Boys JV won 58-30.

Dec. 12th:

Boys’ Basketball played at Foster HS. Varsity lost 65-72 and JV lost 34-75. C-Team won 54-51.

Girls’ Basketball played a home game against Hazen HS. Varsity lost 4-68 and JV lost 5-52.


Boys’ Basketball’s next game will be a home game against Orting HS, December 14th. JV 5:40pm, Varsity 7:15pm. 

Girls’ Basketball’s next game will be December 14th at Foster HS, 5:40pm JV, 7:15pm Varsity.