Animal of the Week – Marmoset


Courtesy of Smithsonian's National Zoo

Geoffroy’s marmosets Edwin (left) and Lilo (right) rest on a tree branch in their habitat.

See last week you learned about the Fossa and it’s weird name and whole existence. This week we learn about something less weird and alot more interesting, Marmoset. This animal is one of the cooler monkeys. Today I will talk about why they are so cool, fun facts about them, and basic things a vet would tell you at a check up. Now onto why this is animal of the week.
Being that I see no one talking about monkeys, they need some light shed on them and I have never heard of this species of monkey so here we are. If you’re a zoologist nerd neck this is not your time so “bag back”. It’s time to get somewhat serious. Let’s provide basic information about a marmoset.
Marmosets are one of “numerous species of small long-tailed South American monkeys”. They look like a smaller version and realistic coloration of “Spider Monkey” from Ben 10 also with just two arms instead of four. Their English name Marmoset just translates to a kind of monkey in Shakespearean english. Their not-so-English name Callithrix jacchus. These little guys commonly grow to be 7.4 inches. Even though these guys are teeny they are pretty cool animals.
What makes them so cool you may ask. I told you what their name meant back in the “Thou shalt be impaledth Era” but in “French marmouset means loosely, shrimp or dwarf ”. They are in a group called New World Monkeys which sounds like a cool music group. More quick and fun facts include they have specialized claws to get a nice firm grip on tree trunks and they nibble little holes in the bark with their “incisors and canines’’ . They pick up good habits and bad habits in the first couple of years in their life. They are very intelligent and speedy. These are known as finger monkeys and can be had as pets running you about $4000 less than what you would’ve had if you didn’t buy one.
I’m done talking through the ape vine. I’ve said all that to essentially inform you and be a little comical by writing about everyone’s favorite pet that runs a fortune, The Marmoset.