Movies Coming Out in 2022

For movies it’s not just about entertainment, you are projecting yourself onto the characters and living through them. When you see the main character winning, you feel enlightened because you enjoy seeing them win after their hardships in their story. It’s a source of escape from your world. It can push your imagination to lengths while watching movies with phenomenons that don’t exist in the real world. Watching movies is comforting and promotes a positive outlook. They can inspire you to be a better person. Viewing a film transports the person into a different world where they will be able to forget their problems even for a few hours. That’s why movies are a must today in these trying times.
A lot of exciting new movies are coming out this year and are highly anticipated after 2021 movies came out, especially superhero movies. With a bunch of new heroes introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we got Doctor Strange-Madness of the Multiverse, Spiderman Across the Spiderverse 2, Thor-Love and Thunder, Wakanda Forever, Moon Knight. Morbius, Ms. Marvel, She/Hulk, Secret Invasion. With Star Wars movies coming out, there is Obi-wan Kenobi and Andor. Finishing off the Fantastic Beasts series, The secrets of Dumbledore will be the last movie it has to offer from the prequel of Harry Potter. Starring Tom Holland, Uncharted will come out in February. DC movies are also dropping with Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson, The Flash, Aquaman, and the Lost Kingdom, and The Batman. Tom Cruise is also starring in Top Gun Maverick. For Pixar, we got Turning Red and Lightyear. For Disney, there are Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, Sneakerella, Disenchanted, and Hocus Pocus. And for Horror movies, we got Halloween Ends, Scream, Fresh, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Jeepers Creepers: Reborn. There are a bunch more but for now, these are the most anticipated movies to come out this year.
Here are some of the overviews of the most anticipated movies of this year. Starting off is Lightyear which is a Pixar film that’s a spin-off of the Toy Story series, viewing it as an original story of the one and only toy Buzz Lightyear, Chris Evans as a voice actor. The movie shows Buzz Lightyear, a test pilot who will become a space ranger. It will drop on June 17.
Doctor Strange-Madness of the Multiverse is going to be the longest movie in the marvel cinematic universe. It brings back Baron Mordo after we haven’t seen him since the first Doctor Strange movie’s credit scene. And it brings back Wanda after her show in WandaVision. It will be exciting to see these two who have been said to be the strongest avengers in a movie together. There have even been rumors about them fighting each other. The Master of the Mystic Arts and holder of one of the Infinite Stones vs The Scarlet Witch who can make matter through her powers and is said to be the strongest avenger. It will be an amazing movie, go check it out on May 6.
Last but not least is Batman starring Robert Pattinson which makes no sense but he portrays Bruce Wayne right in the trailers. The main villains will be the riddler and penguin and they didn’t do the riddler justice (looks goofy in the trailer). The DCEU got rid of Ben Affleck’s Batman which made fans very mad. It will be interesting to see the response to the movie if Pattinson’s Batman flops. It comes out on March 4.
With the 2021s movie roster, we fans expect to see a lot of entertainment, especially with the coronavirus still out in the wind. Which movies are you planning to watch this year.