Should Homework Even Exist?

Homework is the bane of many students’ existences. You’re finally home from a long day at school ready to spend the rest of your day relaxing until you realize, oh yeah we had homework. You were just at school, and now you had to bring school back home with you? Not to mention it takes time away from other things like studying for an upcoming test or quiz in another class. So should homework still exist?
First, let’s look at the pros and cons of homework.

The pros, homework helps reinforce lessons learned in that class, build good study habits, and helps improve student achievement. Students who consistently do their homework will also have a better grade in their classes. The only class I can think of that can benefit its students with homework is definitely math and English. The repetition of doing math problems can really drill the information into your brain, and finishing up essays can really improve a student’s literature skill level. However, for any other subject, giving students homework is not very helpful and can swarm a student with worksheets instead of being advantageous to them.

The cons, having too much homework can be very harmful to a student causing them stress, it takes time away from free time and sleep, and can overwhelm you.
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