The Pressure of High School

Pressures of high school are daily battles

The four years in high school should be fun. However, for other teens who struggle to balance all the daily activities, they become stressed while working, babysitting, athletics or clubs and not to mention homework. Many teachers have returned to pre-pandemic patterns of giving homework every day or large assignments for multiple days. No matter how skilled you are in time management, there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything teens have to do.

High school is a moment for everyone to make new fun memories while keeping in mind their future. People ask a lot from teens such as maintaining good grades, being involved in your school activities or community needs. Parents can be very strict on school and good grades while some teens deal with mental health issues. It’s a very big thing and teachers as well as parents don’t seem to give it any importance in that overall school is very fun. However teachers don’t really pay any attention to how we feel mentally they put us in this cycle to go to five classes for an hour to learn everything. Then switching to your next class upon mentally changing can be very stressful when trying to fulfill what the school asks for us and what our parents ask of us.

But it’s always good to have those days to yourself and relax do everything one at a time. I’m sure lots of teens can relate and say they are stressed out by school but can’t do anything about it but just try to get everything turned in

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