Phone Usage in Class

Almost everyone has a mobile device on their person at all times, but the debate on whether or not students should be allowed to use their phones in class or not is frequently argued upon. Teachers usually settle on one of two things; Either phone usage is banned entirely, or teachers allow students to use their phones but usually only to listen to music or to use it during their free time.

Let’s look into the pros and cons of the situation:
The pros of using your phone in class are that it’s beneficial to a student’s safety. In case of an emergency, students can quickly use their phones to call emergency services or a trusted individual. Another benefit of using your phone in class is that you can use it to efficiently search for instant information and receive feedback.

“I think it’s beneficial because it allows us to find information fast and it’s all around very helpful,” says 17-year-old Jacob Lancaster.

As for the cons, a negative consequence of phone usage is that it can distract students. As an example, many students will like to use their phones to play games or watch videos when they’re supposed to be doing work. Another con is that phones can be used to promote bullying by quickly spreading embarrassing pictures of a victim throughout the school via social media or text messages.

16-year-old Sean De La Cruz says, “I’m gonna say no because I really can’t think of a good defense for phone usage even though I use it.”

In conclusion, it’s ultimately up to the teacher’s decide for it’s their classroom and they should get to decide whether or not phone usage is allowed. Though, in my opinion, they should allow students to use their phones but if it has to come to the point where it’s becoming distracting then they have the right to ban mobile devices in the classroom.