Car Crashes and Lindbergh Students


One dead after vehicle drifts onto the shoulder and hits a trailer on the I-90, according to Washington State Patrol. (Washington State Department of Transportation).

In the United States there are 6 million car crashes on average that occur in a calendar year. A recent car crash involving 13 cars on I-95 in Spotsylvania County, south of Washington, reminds us all of the dangers of driving and the need to be cautious.

Let this horrifying accident as a result of rainy roads, act as a warning to specifically Lindbergh students who drive, to be aware of the roads. Especially considering the 70-100 inches of rainfall that Washingtonians deal with yearly. Heavy rainfall combined with roads and cars result in slick, dangerous roads that can cause accidents similar to the one that occurred on I-95.

This particular accident involved 13 cars in “a series of accidents” that eventually led to the highway being closed for two hours. The shutdown was initially started by one vehicle and led to a chain reaction; ultimately ending with one individual being hospitalized. While the crash is still under investigation, we should all take this opportunity to reflect upon ourselves and the choices we make while behind the wheel; considering that the Lindbergh parking lot is full of new drivers.

Our parking lot is a constant flow of new drivers, students walking around, and parents dropping off their students. Accidents are unfortunately common, and being cautious and aware of our environment; whether we are in our vehicles or are simply walking around the parking lot, takes us one step closer to preventing accidents from occurring or continuing to occur in our parking lots.

In summary, staying informed on accidents in the area may act as a reminder to all us individuals to practice safe driving in order to avoid the very accidents we read or hear about.